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1999-2003  [RED]: We rode 2 motorcycles through 50 countries on 6 continents. Oh, and we unknowingly nearly doubled a Guinness World Record along the way.  See more at

2008-2014  [BLUE]: We purchased a KTM 950 Adventure and began taking 2 months off every winter for travel.  At the end of each trip, we'd find a place to park it until we returned 10 months later.  In 2014 we sold the bike in Colombia, and 3 owners later a guy from Lafayette, Colorado bought it and he drove it back!

2015-2018  [YELLOW]: Ready for something different, we purchased our 2006 Land Rover Defender in Cape Town, South Africa and kitted it for safari.  First we did the Cape to Cairo run, followed by a West Africa loop.

2019-2020  [GREEN]: We retired, returned to Europe, and converted the Defender.  We removed the roof tent and rear pickup tub, and installed an adventure camper from and spent 2 years traveling Europe.

2021-202x  [WHITE]:  In April 2021 we bought a Citroen Jumper campervan built by Possl. We are enjoying vanlife and in 18-months have traveled Iberia, Scandinavia, and the Balkans. We'll continue to use if for European travel.

2023-202x  [PURPLE]:  In Nov 2022 we purchased a new, 2023 T6.1 VW California Ocean which we'll send to S.America in Sept 2023 and leave it overseas.  As a shakedown trip, we'll use it this winter in SW Europe and Morocco.

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