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It started as a 15-month getaway and developed into something greater than ever expected... an adventure Around-the-World on two BMW motorcycles that took more than four years, through 50 countries on six continents, while riding 101,322 miles (163,061 kms) on separate motorcycles.

We didn't set out to break or even know about the record until the end of our journey.  That's when we discovered we nearly doubled the existing record for Longest Motorcycle Ride by a Couple, and were invited to meet with Guinness in London. While discussing the details, we suggested that the title should be more inclusive and suggested "Team" instead of "Couple", and they agreed.

We earned the Guinness World Record® for Longest Motorcycle Ride by a Team. 


Fun Fact: Only 5% of award ideas are approved, of those, only 10% make it into the book, and of those, only 5% get photos in the book.  We were pretty surprised to be asked to submit a photo for the 50-year anniversary edition - of the 12,000 digital photos we took, there were only 4 that were high enough resolution, and contained only the 2 of us with both the bikes (as required).

You can see all the stories, photos, and journey at:

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