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For over 20 years we've traveled the globe freely without kids or pets by either motorcycle ot 4x4 Safari truck, to over 100 countries, and we were happy.


In April 2020 we started fostering during lockdown. Cool was our 3rd charge, at the time he was just another homeless street-dog who had been living an an outdoor kennel/shelter for nearly a year. When he arrived to our home on May 4th, he was very frightened, and we agreed to watch him until the end of May, when we planned to begin our drive from Budapest, Hungary to Dushanbe, Tajikistan.


He was a cool pooch, and we saw why the charity gave him his name.  It was about 2 weeks later when a foster opportunity appeared, didn't seem ideal, and then quickly fell through.  We were bummed for him, and decided to take a break and go camping.  We all needed to breathe.  This video captures the moment we decided we wanted him to be in our lives, permanently. 

Mr Cool's Adventures is one of the best things that's happened to us. We take him everywhere, by motorcycle, bicycle, rollerblades, etc.


It took nearly 6-months before we discovered he is a Puggle = Pug + Beagle.

In our first few months together we traveled about 10,000km across central Europe, exploring 7 new countries. In March 2021 we returned to Budapest from 3 months in Turkey together, and so far he's traveled 17,000km through 11 countries.

If the 3 of us don't get to drive to Tajikistan this summer (Covid), then we'll just introduce him to Scandinavia and it's surroundings. He'll be racking up some more great experiences, countries, and kilometers.


NOTE: When we formally adopted him, it was under the condition that the shelter or charity would watch him every winter from Dec-March while we escaped winter and traveled for ~3 months in warm climates. Although they agreed, that idea is now not possible... We won't travel without him, which does mean our winter plans to ride motorcycles again in New Zealand and SE Asia have been modified to go other places and do things together.


He's too heavy to fly in cabin, and this breed may not be allowed in cargo, so that's a hurdle we'll have to overcome for travel back in the America's.


Will we miss out on some opportunities? Of course, but we'll discover different ones together - we've learned over the years that travel (and life) is all about a collection of choices/compromises that makes us happiest.