We TRAVEL not to escape life, but so LIFE doesn't escape us!

  • Do prospective clients appreciate your value, or do you have to fight for it?

  • Does your story, product, or service compel prospects to call you?

  • Are you looking to expand and dominate Your Brand in your market?

  • Has your business reached a "Plateau"?

  • Would you like to achieve a true Work/ Life Balance?


-  Gergö is passionate about his SEO business, but his sales pitch was inconsistent and weak. He was telling prospects about his Honesty, Integrity, and Hard Work, but they hear that all the time and weren't responsive.  He is now using stories to showcase his expertise while gaining confidence an more clients.


-  Liz was questioning her value in her business.  We dove deep and exposed how her experience and knowledge creates a real opportunity.  A paradigm shift was discovered and embraced, along with a new confidence and shift in value.  Her husband has since sent me a PM thanking me as the transformation was unmistakable.

-  Tomas has an online service, and a dream to grow his company. We helped him establish new profit centers and a simple way to track it.  We established that he's able to hire one new employee with every 30 new clients.  He’s well on his way to expanding his reach by 90 new clients, and becoming a supervising manager rather than the rainmaker (lead generator).

-  Robyn is a newer Real Estate agent.  She felt she couldn't succeed in winning business/Listings against more seasoned agents. We turned relevant experience into stories to help her compete against industry pros, confidently and competently.



Differentiating himself from traditional coaches and consultants, Chris Ratay’s approach is “Short-term consulting for Long-term Solutions”. He will analyze your business, sales, and marketing challenges, then develop effective solutions to be implemented quickly and seamlessly. His is a hyper-focused service, taking just a few months.

You will interact with Chris weekly via Skype/Zoom video calls along with email and text support. Weekly tasks will be achievable, and may include paradigm shifting conversations and role-playing, if desired.

Today he works with real estate professionals and business owners to improve their business and, ultimately, quality of life. He has presented and consulted in Argentina, Egypt, Hungary, Iceland, Portugal, South Africa, Turkey, and the USA.


Chris is a career salesman with a focus on customer experience.  After graduating from college with a degree in Marketing, he moved to NYC and began working in corporate/contract furniture - his first mentor instilled in him the importance of follow-up, addressing problems head-on, and constant communication. Years later when working in the cosmetic manufacturing industry, he honed his negotiating, problem solving, and leadership skills.

Just prior to entering the world of real estate, Chris & Erin Ratay broke a Guinness World Record under the category of Epic Journeys. (See World Record).

When they first to Boulder, Colorado in 2004, Chris had no experience selling homes and barely knew anyone in this new city.  Through creative marketing and targeted branding, he made tremendous inroads and built one of the most recognized and respected names in the county.

With a mindset of Work. Play. LIVE!, in 2008 Chris and Erin began taking off 2-months every year, traveling throughout December and January, knowingly exchanging a loss of business opportunities for a better quality of life.  Did it work?  In the years that followed, Chris became one of 3 partner-owners of 5 RE/MAX offices supporting 120 agents, while consistently earning "Elite Agent" awards with his personal sales in the top 1% of the USA.

In the fall of 2018, Chris and Erin sold their team brand name, RE/MAX partnership, their house in Colorado, and moved to Europe.  Chris has involved himself in mentoring international "Digital Nomads” (people doing business remotely). He enjoys networking and collaborating with entrepreneurs about strategies, business development, growth, and branding. He is continually asked to give presentations on brand awareness, client development, and creating a sustainable work/life balance.

Chris brings the experience and the systems to help you achieve financial success while enhancing your quality of life.  His life, and the lives of the people he has mentored and coached prove he has the ability to make this a reality for you as well.  You've gotten this far, it's only 1 click below to get your own experience...

Here's a bit more about Chris from his days as a Real Estate broker.