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We met in the spring of 1994, got engaged a couple of years later at Mardi Gras in New Orleans during a rugby tournament, and we've been happily married since July of 1996.  


Our honeymoon was a 3 week camping/cross-country trip on our BMW K100LT.   Near the end of the trip, two days from home, Erin decided she wanted equal time in the saddle and purchased her 1st BMW ('92 K75) and rode the rest of the way home by my side.   After 20 days and 7,000 miles of adventures, we were still happily married and ready to take on the world!

In 1999 we quit our jobs, sold our NYC apartment and embarked on what was to be a 1-year Round the World trip.     It took just over 4 years....

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Before entering the world of real estate in 2007, Erin worked for 20 years in the Career Development field in some of the country’s most prestigious universities such as Columbia University, and consulted to well-known organizations like the United Nations. Most recently, she worked for four years as the Internship Coordinator in Career Services at CU Boulder and co-taught the Career Exploration class through the School of Continuing Education at CU.

Her second love is being a part of and actively participating in local organizations that do good for our community both locally and abroad. These include the Boulder Rotary Club, the CU Public Interest Internship Experience, and the Boulder Chamber of Commerce.

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Chris is a career salesman.  After graduating from college he moved to NYC and began working in contract/office furniture - his first mentor instilled in him the importance of follow-up, problem solving, and constant communication.  He later got involved in the cosmetic display manufacturing industry where he further honed his skills - His clients were ALL of the color cosmetic companies operating in the US (i.e.  Revlon, Chanel, L'Oréal, Lancome, Maybelline, Estee Lauder, Christian Dior, Bobbi Brown, and Clarins, to name a few). 


Upon returning home from the 4-year trip and realizing the long-term importance of rental property ownership, Chris dove into Real Estate in 2004 as soon as moving to Boulder, Colorado, ultimately becoming a partner/owner of 5 RE/MAX offices, and considered an "Elite Agent" with his sales in the top 1% nationwide.

Erin joined the team in 2007, and over the years together they built one of Boulder's most recognized and respected names in local real estate. 

With a mindset of of Work. Play. LIVE!, in 2008 Chris and Erin began taking off 2-months every year, traveling in December and January, knowingly exchanging a loss of business opportunities for a better quality of life.

In 2018, they sold their businesses and their home in Colorado and are traveling the world, mostly in their 4x4 Adventure Camper. In late 2019 they bought property in Hungary where Chris has citizenship through his parents. With residency cards in their hands, Budapest will be the next base.


Winter of 2020 was spent in Lisbon, Portugal - a place known for its history, and also the hub of "Digital Nomads" in Europe (people doing business remotely). Chris spent his time networking and collaborating with entrepreneurs about strategies, business development, growth, and branding. He also gave presentations on marketing and work/life balance. He truly enjoys mentoring business owners and real estate agents, either in person or on the phone, and is sharing his passion and knowledge through dedicated high-impact coaching.

In the meantime he still loves chatting with people about work/life balance, real estate, investment opportunities, and travel.

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