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2006 Td5 Defender 130 Dual Cab

Pack Your Bags and Make Your Dreams a Reality!

Fully equipped European/American (LHD) expedition ready Adventure 4x4, perfect for driving the Sahara, down narrow cobbled streets, over mountain passes, and remote wilderness exploration, with all the comforts of glamping.  

Here's a quick bit of history:  We purchased the 130 in Cape Town, South Africa as a standard pickup in October 2015 with 142,000kms.  We spared no expense when we set it up for long range and remote African Safari.  When we got to Europe, we removed the rear "tub", canopy, and rooftop tent, and in 2019 fitted it with a custom adventure camping box from 


Checkout the video from February 2021 in Turkey, before we were planning to sell.  Further down I've added some more videos after our graphics and personal belongings were removed, and it was professionally cleaned.  There's heaps of storage - 15 cabinets in the camper living area, 5 boxes on the exterior, and 3 in the backseat area.

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FOR SALE:  2006 Td5 Defender 130 Dual Cab

  • 149,000miles / 240,000km  (I drove 60,000miles / 98,000km since purchase in 2015)

  • 2.5 liter, 5 cylinder Engine

  • Built in South Africa, converted to LHD in Lisbon, Portugal in 2019

  • Registration: Through Nov 2023 and renewable

  • Insurance: EU Green card til Aug 2023 and renewable

  • Recent work:  Rebuilt transfer case, wheel bearings, bushings, brake pads, rotors, new starter battery

  • Located in Hungary - Delivery options available

  • PRICE:  €57,000 with renewable ZA registration (42 countries, no MOT required)
                   possibility with EU registration provided - contact for info


  • Insulated Cabin - cool in summer, warm in winter, water proof, wind proof, great airflow, and lots of light.

  • Custom box is 220L x 180W and weighs 526kg

  • 15 interior and 2 exterior access cabinets

  • 1 piece super comfy double bed, up/down on struts

  • Webasto diesel heater

  • Cassette toilet

  • Dining table / lounge area for 2

  • 72 liter National Luna fridge/freezer

  • 75 liter water tank with external filler

  • Exterior shower with privacy cabin

  • Cold water sink

  • Double gas burner

  • Interior LED lights

  • 3x 12v outlets

  • Spare tire cradle

  • Floor access to Td5 fuel pump

  • Fire Extinguisher

  • 2020 Thule awning


  • 100ah starter battery (Oct 2021)

  • 2x Victron 100ah gel batteries

  • Victron power management (in camper)

  • 110w Solar panel (2019)

  • 100w Solar panel (2015 - small output)

  • Split Charger

  • C-tek battery charger/re-conditioner with exterior plug

  • Campground adapter


  • Bonnet box

  • Box over cab

  • Rear box - tables, chairs, etc

  • Custom boxes accessed thru rear doors, rear seats removed.


  • 55 liter reserve fuel tank. 78+55 = 133 liters  ~1,100+km

  • 4x Old Man Emu rear shocks

  • 4x newer springs

  • Wheel spacers

  • LED lights front/rear

  • LED light bar (removable)

  • Larger inter-cooler and turbo

  • Snorkel (actually works!)

  • Bull bar with branch busters

  • Winch - 12000lb / 5,443 tons

  • Air compressor

  • Rock sliders

  • Rear towing hook

  • Front crash plate

  • Easy-lift spare tire rack


  • High output A/C - as used in sealed armored cars

  • Electric front windows

  • Heated windshield

  • Madman engine monitoring: EGT, sensors, service hours, etc.

  • Td5 rev counter

  • Tire pressure monitor

  • Battery monitor

  • 4x charging ports

  • Rear camera

  • Dash cam

  • Additional drink holders

  • Airhorn

  • Additional fire extinguisher

  • 110+ piece tool set, including specialty tools (hub nut, prop shaft)

  • Recovery gear: Straps, hooks, etc.

  • Tire changing gear including 2x lifts, jack stand

  • Emergency vests and safety triangle

  • Spare Td5 fuel pump

  • 26 liter fridge between front seats

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Csobanc Vifaru shower.jpg
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