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FOR SALE:  130 Tub with Custom Canopy

2006 Td5 Defender 130 purchased in Cape Town in 2015, and had a custom canopy built by Metallan.

The Tub:

- Custom pullout tray

- Fuel pump access from above, for Td5

- No exterior dents

- Full size, heavy-duty, pull out tray

- Aluminum boxes included (as seen)

- All tail lights removed

Custom Canopy from Metalian:

- Heavy duty, light weight aluminum construction

- Fixed window (clear) into cab

- 5 Doors, 2 each side, 1 in back, all lockable

- 5x LED light strips inside each of 5 doors.  3 have choice of yellow/white

- 3x LED exterior spot lights, 1 each side and 1 rear

- Custom kitchen cupboard

- Built shelves / storage

- Aluminum roof box (water proof)

- Roof Rail

- Reinforced top (we sat in chairs during some safaris)

- Spare tire holder on roof

- (Note: 360 awning in photos was removed)


- Defender tail lights have been removed (we moved them to the camper)

- There may be some rust, not visible from exterior.  Not aware of anything specific

kitchen kenya.jpg
130 Defender angle back.jpg
130 tub and canopy.jpg
2020-02-13 15.29.26.jpg
canapy installed.jpeg
2020-02-13 15.31.06.jpg
2020-02-13 15.27.43.jpg
Defender cape time.jpg
Kenya market.jpeg
2020-02-13 15.31.27.jpg
2020-02-13 15.27.04.jpg
Kitchen Namibia.jpg
Vifaru Travels.png
WPL black.png
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