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When we were looking for an overland truck to purchase in South Africa, our choices were a Toyota Hilux or Land Rover Defender. Toyotas are known for reliability, the Defender is full of character and passion. When given the choice, Erin didn't hesitate when she opted for the Defender. We chose a 2006 Td5 130 dual cab for the longer wheelbase and storage, the double cab for comfort and space, and the Td5 for it's mid-range of age vs technology.

We've made a lot of modifications over the years and we've certainly had our share of problems, but we love Vifaru, which translates to White Rhino from Swahili.

V 1.0: Oct 2015, Pickup purchased in Cape Town, South Africa @ 142,000km

V 2.0: 2015, Kitted with metal canopy, Roof Top Tent, 270 awning, 72L Fridge/Freezer, 55 litre water tank, and 55 litres of spare fuel under the seat.

V 2.1: 2016, Added bonnet (hood) box, more storage boxes in/out, 2nd fridge between front seats, moved tent back for more aerodynamics, added custom kitchen in canopy, and seat covers (branded) @ 154,000km

V 2.2: 2017, Added more suspension and some major engine work in Nairobi, Kenya @ 168,000km

V 2.3: 2018, Added LED bar and loud horn in Spain @ 185,000km

V 2.4: 2019, Moved steering wheel from Right to Left - big project!

V 3.0: 2019, removed RTT, rear tub/canopy in Portugal

V 3.1: 2019, installed camper cabin from Globe Camper in France @ 200,000km

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