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In May of 1999 we sold everything we owned, left New York City, and began a 1-year trip around the world on 2 motorcycles.  4.5 years and 50 countries later we finished in 2003, while breaking a Guinness Record.  In the summer of 2004 we moved to Boulder, Colorado to begin a new life, and started a career in real estate.
Through hard Work and determination, we built one of the most successful teams and recognized local brands in Boulder County. In 2008 we committed to taking a 2-month trip every year, even if it meant we would lose business and income, and tweaked the old catch phrase of Work Hard / Play Hard a bit, and our new lifestyle became our mantra:  Work.   Play.   LIVE!
More recently, in the Spring of 2019 we decided that while Colorado Real Estate has been fruitful, it's time to go discover more of the world while we figure out what is next.  (More on that at Latest News)
"We TRAVEL not to escape life, but so LIFE doesn't escape us!"  - anonymous
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