We TRAVEL not to escape life,

but so LIFE doesn’t escape us!

It was May of 1999 - we sold everything we owned, left New York City, and began what was to be a quick 1-year trip around the world on 2 motorcycles.  Some 4.5 years and 50 countries later we finally finished in August 2003, and managed to break a Guinness Record along the way.  We moved to Boulder, Colorado soon after, to begin a new life, which included beginning a career in real estate. 


15-years later, in Oct of 2018 we began the cycle again... we sold our home, sold our RE/MAX ownership, sold our business, (kept our rental properties), left our friends and the life we built in Colorado, and headed overseas to see what's next for us.  It seems we have a lust for new experiences...

Since Oct 2018 we've traveled through West Africa to stay warm, Europe in the spring/summer, and fall 2019 was the Baltics to the Adriatic in eastern Europe. It's been an amazing year of discovery, reconnecting, and making new friends.

In the fall of 2019 we bought an apartment in Budapest's historic old city, which required a significant renovation and oversight.  The current idea is to live in Budapest during spring and autumn as our base, winter AirBnB in warm climates, and continue our adventure travels during the summers. 


We moved into our flat on the first day of lockdown, March 15, 2020.  In late April we started fostering dogs, and in May we met and later adopted Mr Cool.  We spent the summer traveling Europe, and look forward to driving to Central Asia when things open up again. Stay Safe!

Thanks for all your support and friendship - if you have any questions or are visiting Budapest, let us know!

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